Hey Jimmy, how's it-a going?
Not very well. My brother's getting all the work and no one ever wants to hire me. 'Oh, you're evil brother, I'm afraid we won't be needing your services.' Stupid executives, wouldn't know talent if it bit them on the bum.
Why are you looking at me like that?
Oh, nothing. My brother is like-a that too. He didnt even let me in his n64 game. In a way I'm glad, but i feel neglected.
I know what you mean. My family kept bugging me about getting a girlfriend. 'Oh, but Billy's found such a nice girl. When are you going to find one, Jimmy?' That's why i kidnapped her. But, of course, you know how that went. I met Ryan Breton in high school, and ever since then, Women haven't interested me. I help Billy now just so my family will stop bugging...I just cant tell them.
Yeah. Toad and Yoshi keep asking me where my princess is. They laugh at me for helping Mario get her back. Everyone seems to forget that slut Toadstool was mine first. I still don't see what she sees in that fat brother of mine.
G'day mates. You blokes seem to be a bit blue. What's the matter?
Brother problems.
 I know what you mean, mate. My brother is Steve Irwin. My mom even makes fun of me for using knifes and boulders and ugly sticks. 'Why can't you use your bare hands, like your brother, Steve? Steve turned out so much better than you'
Hey guys!
Did you have problems with your brother too, ron popeil?
No, but i think i may be able to help you three out. I'm introducing the Ronco© Showtime Assassination Kit!
Does it really work?
You tell me...Have you ever heard of Don Popeil?
No, I haven't, by crikey!
So as you can see, Ronco really takes the bother out of brother!
Oh, Ron, Will you marry me?