Oh.... oh...It hurts so much
Mike? What's wrong? You sound like you're about to die, dude.
I had too many Double Cheese Pizzas. I couldn't help myself. They were just lying there waiting to be taken, then i used the coupon from our game. I - I'm constipated.
Michaelangelo. Splinter told you to lay off the Double Cheese. You never listen. I'll help you out this time. Let me try to pry it out with my Bo.
Dude, it's not working, get it out of there!!!!
Hello, good chaps. What seems to be the problem?
I'm constipated.
Oh, my. That is quite a jam you've got. But I'm afraid I'll be of no use to you, seeing as how I have no ass, I know nothing of dealing with constipation.
Hey, guys! I just found Tom's cache. Anybody want some of this cheese I found?
You have 3 seconds to leave before I KILL YOU!!! 1.......2......
Hi Mike, hi Don, hi floating head. You seem upset, what's wrong?
It's Mike. He's constipated. Again.
We wish we could help. But all we have are these dried up plums from our adventures.
Prunes!!!!! Give them here!!!
Where is he running off to?
AAAhhhhhhhhhhh. Much Better!