Welcome to my links Page! Get it? Chain LINK fences. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I am a genius. Check out the following WEB PAGE links(not chain links).

Website name Description of Website
The OSG Page OSG's Page. Very funny place with amazingly hard Final Fantasy I quizzes. I have the low score on both of them.
Sheik's old NES Lots of that newfangled multimedias stuff here, and great interviews with KatieHolmes.
Clash at Kid-
Niki's Site
Good page with good reviews of good games like Hydlide, Donkey Knong Junior Math, and its very funny too.
Bubblun's NES
Companies Stories
This is a site made by Bubblun about Companies that made games for the NES. Who knows if the stories are true, it's fun to read anyways.
The Triforce
This is a site with a very funny humor section about funny things like cleo and kirby and stuff. Plus it gots a radio station.
The Damien C.
Strider Place
This is DamienC's site, and its got some funnies and stuff and strider walks around making jokes.
Retreating from
This site is made by Deathspork, and deathspork is a name that should cause much fear. It may look curvy and friendly like a spoon, but it hurts like a fork.
The Sappy Archive
This is the place where you can read about howard phillips, and tecmo super bowl, but unfortunately, no place to rub Warren Sapp's belly.
the NES talking
Board City
A place talk to others about NES stuffs. Except Ryan Breton. He says he likes men, but never talks to me. I'm a man!
The Panesian
The place where we all rush at the end of the month to get articles ready for it. It turns out really good somehow, thanks to OSG and Sqwirl.
Tato's Actraiser
Love Place
Where BkdTatrHrt talks a lot about the game actraiser and tells you lots of stuffs about it. and its pretty.