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02-06-02 What's This? An update? Yes.Added Random Drawings section. Yay!

04-08-01 A new section! Wow! I added the Caution Labels section, and have 3 labels already typed. If you want to type some up and send then to me, please do. Just email them here.

04-04-01 Wow. It's been too long since I updated. Brand New Power Team Adventure. Also slight links updating. Also, check out the PaNESian Press. A new issue just rolled off the presses this past weekend.

03-08-01 Added another Character Conversation. Special thanks to Capn for some of the ideas.

03-04-01 Added new Power Team adventure. Slight links update. 

02-27-01 Added new find in Funny Things.

01-29-01 Added a new section; The NES Power Team. Read all about their zany antics there. In other news, the Link deal is still on.

01-25-01 No update today, but I am trying to do updates along with finishing an article for the PaNESian Press. Also, i would like to present you with a special offer. For my loyal readers I have a special offer that allows you to link to this page. How much will this cost? It would be a deal at $30. But it won't be $30. It wont be $27, or $26, or $25. It's not $20, or $18, or even $15 like you all might be thinking. For you, my special readers, I will let you link to my page for the low, low price of FREE. Pls link 2 me. kthx.

01-15-01 Finally added a funny thing in an NES game and a Character Conversation.

01-01-01 - Started Working on this dreadful page. 

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